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What you can do at the local island?

... lie down under umbrella and just do NOTHING

A couple of words about us


I Like Maldives Travels is not just a simple travel agency. This is a two - people  company that has been created for the last 6 years, because of love for the Maldives and for each other. She - European, he - Maldivian, met on the one of the paradise islands. Both with different life experiences, different habits and mentality, but it looks like that for all their life they were just waiting for themselves. They have a common passions: traveling, diving and everything, what is related to the the ocean. They convey their passion and experience to tourists who visit them in their little paradise on earth - Guest House on a local island called F. Nilandhoo.  Except cozy rooms in a beautiful Guest House, they offer plenty of unique excursions, as the place is totally non commercial. There are no other tourists on the whole atoll. So the Guests have the guarantee, that here will be never crowdy 🙂 The Guests can enjoy the day on the uninhabited island, sandbanks, they can admire dolphins in their natural environment, they can catch big tuna with the local fishermen, they can swim with turtle or with the biggest fish in the world - Whale Shark.

However, to meet the expectations of different tourists, they have decided to offer something more: holiday suited to the expectations and budget of tourists: on the local village and in luxury resorts.

Resorts in their offer are eco- friendly and properly selected in terms of waste management. Unfortunately, Maldives are struggling with the problem of rubbish, and some of the resorts are still polluting (by throwing rubbish straight into the Indian Ocean) - in the offer of ILM Travels you will find only checked by them self resorts / hotels / guest houses, those, which conduct appropriate garbage management. Resorts, which store the waste in a place designated areas, dispose of it, or take it to places indicated for it (landfills). For us the nature jet is the most important – we do not support environmental pollution and we do not support places that have not been created in harmony with the nature.

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